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The Internet Coffee Mall's Coffee Accessories Links
   Our recommendations for the best in storing, grinding, brewing and serving!
Capresso Aroma Classic Coffee MakerCapresso Aroma Classic Coffee Maker

The new "Aroma Classic" is modern and exclusively designed, but retains the well-proven classic coffee brewing method of pouring a large amount of hot water onto freshly ground coffee.

The Classic Brewing Method: Fresh cold water is rapidly heated in the upper reservoir to a rolling boil (over 100° C/ 212° F). Then a heat-sensitive valve opens and releases all the hot water onto the coffee grounds. The total contact time between hot water and coffee is just 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 minutes, exactly the time recommended by leading coffee experts to obtain fullest aroma and flavor without over-extraction.

Extraordinary design features heat resistant glass water container lets you see the water come to a rolling boil. The striking chrome arch makes the Capresso Aroma Classic a beautiful centerpiece on any table and lets you carry the machine from the kitchen to the dining room while the coffee is still hot.

Capresso Aroma Classic Coffee Maker. Price:   $159.99

Capresso Coffee Tec Coffee MakerCapresso Coffee Tec - New for the Millenium!

Capresso 10 Cup Digital Coffee Maker. Newest of the stunning designs from Capresso and just in time for the millenium celebration. Start the millenium with the latest technology. Be one of the first to own a Capresso Coffee Tec.

Features a 10 cup high quality stainless steel vacuum carafe. Digital clock timer brews drip coffee any time you want. Here is the best part: Pump-Auto-Cappuccino-System (PACS). Push a button and you get perfect frothed milk and you don't have to be a certified barista. There is no frothing wand because you don't need one. CoffeeTec draws milk directly from a milk container and delivers frothed milk for use in Cafe au Lait or Caffe con Leche. Coffee Tec does it all for you! Comes with 50 oz. stainless steel carafe. No. 4 GoldTone filter. Milk container (store unused milk in your refigerator until you need frothed milk).

Coffee Tec will be available starting December 1, 1999. Price:   $199.99

Free Coffee Grinder!Cafémill Home Grinder - Free with purchase!

The Cafémill Home Grinder by Grindmaster (a $25 value) is yours FREE with your initial Coffee Crew purchase!
Attractive and easy to use, the grinder's innovative features include:
Transparent plastic cover doubles as a measuring container
One touch button controls grind consistency
Only operates when cover is safely in place
One try grinds enough for one full 12 cup pot of coffee
Custom blade provides a consistent and efficient grind

Includes a 1 year warranty. Price: Free with Purchase.

Green Bean Home Coffee RoasterGreen Bean Home Coffee Roaster - Fresh roasted beans right at home in minutes!

All coffee is roasted but did you know roasted beans become stale in just over a week? Instead of grinding and brewing what was roasted two months ago by someone else, take control of your own coffee destiny by brewing the coffee roasted just minutes ago. Roasting how you want it, when you want it with your own coffee bean roaster gives you the freshest coffee possible.

Simply place up to 3˝ oz. green coffee beans in the glass roasting jar, select your own custom roast time setting or one of three preset settings, and start. Within minutes you’re ready to remove your freshly roasted beans and prepare coffee. Roasts enough beans to brew 10-12 cups. Only roast what you need since green coffee beans stay fresh for years.

Green Bean Home Coffee Roaster. Price: $145.00

Nissan Vacuum Insulated Commuter MugNissan Vacuum Insulated Commuter Mug

Unbreakable stainless-steel liner and outer shell
Superior insulation performance: Patented vacuum manufacturing technology
Comfortable, easy-grip handle, allows for ease of use
Base diameter same as most soda cans - fits into drink holders in most new model cars
Easy to use flip lid deters spills
Full five-year warranty
Capacity: 14 Ounces (0.40 Liters)
Insulation Capability: 1 Hour (163.4 degrees F), Weight empty 13 oz.

Nissan Vacuum Insulated Commuter Mug. Price:   $29.95

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