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The Internet Coffee Mall's Reading Room
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Home Coffee Roasting : Romance and RevivalHome Coffee Roasting : Romance & Revival
Price: $11.96

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at home roasting, but didn't know where to start? This book is what you've been looking for. Excellent tips, how-to's on roasting and coffee lore.

Charts, journals and definitions allow easy access to find your perfect roast and to note your own steps in your personalized roasting process.

For the true coffee lover, this book with bring you to new heights in your coffee drinking experience. Purchase this book along with the Green Bean Home Coffee Roaster on our Coffee Accessories page and you'll be on your way to enjoying the freshest cup of coffee you've ever tasted!

Coffee : The Essential Guide to the Essential Bean
Price: $14.00

Here's an A-to-Z guide to one of the hottest beverages of the 1990s. Coffee explores the fascination with this age-old beverage, revealing the many exotic beans and roasts available. It also presents 75 wondrous go-with-coffee recipes, shows how to brew the perfect cup, and much more.


Coffee Lover's Bible: Ode to the Divine Brew in Fact, Food & Fancy
Price: $10.36

Where do they serve the most expensive coffee in the world? What role did coffee play in Marilyn Monroe's wedding to playwright Arthur Miller? How did coffee help prisoners of war escape from WWII German stalags? Enjoying the aroma of a cup of coffee provides what health benefits? What world-famous insurance company started out as a coffee house? Hint: they insured the Titanic!

Coffee Lover's Bible is filled with 101 fun, fascinating coffee facts, quotes and tidbits, all coupled with an irresistible recipe, all made with coffee or coffee liqueurs, that will please coffee cravers and cautious caffeine consumers alike!

The world's love affair with coffee has spanned centuries. It has inspired musicians and captivated kings. It has been hoarded, hidden and hyped throughout history. Coffee is a fascinating beverage whose powerful past and present-day popularity fuels the curiosity and cravings of even a casual coffee drinker. Coffee Lover's Bible explores this universal attraction in food, fact & fancy.

Readers will enjoy a varied collection of 100 coffee creations. Everything from sweet and rich coffee concoctions-both hot and cold-like Mexican Chocolate, Black Forest Coffee, Creamy Iced Coffee, and Cool Caffeine Smoothie, to coffee flavored cakes, cookies, pies, brownies and tortes all in easy-to-make recipes. You'll find many delicious offerings that include Mocha Pecan Pie, Mocha Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Six-Layer Toffee Torte, Jumpin' Java Cookies and Cappuccino Brownies. There are also sodas and parfaits and even a few savory sauces and main dishes.

But you don't even have to like coffee to enjoy this book. The coffee facts, history and quotes coupled with the 100 recipes ensure Coffee Lover's Bible will be at home in your kitchen or on your coffee table.

Coffee and Cuisine MagazineCoffee and Cuisine Magazine
Price: $36.00/yr.

Coffee & Cuisine is the only trade journal dedicated to the natural synergy of the coffee, food and beverage industry. Each month contains up to date information on all aspects of building and running a successful business.

Specialists from the coffee and cuisine industries will share their inside information on how to increase profits, select products, merchandise and much more.

Leading Chefs will share their insight and their award winning recipes.

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